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June 2020

Flights – AIR NEW ZEALAND / SINGAPORE AIRLINES Auckland / Singapore / London Heathrow X Milan / Singapore / Auckland AIR NEW ZEALAND -  as expected and did not disappoint in any way.  Frequent flyer seating economy class worth the slight increase in leg room and side seating some have sky couch which when not used as couch was useful for the leg rest – ok for my height for taller person may not find it as comfortable to use. Singapore Airlines – First time on SINGAPORE AIRLINES, service excellent –

“The person who arrives, is not the person who leaves”.….. This is true for my journey. This is my journey to the Arctic in September 2018 on the Ocean Endeavour with Adventure Canada. I began my trip to the Arctic,  by flying into Vancouver and then connecting on to Edmonton. I met my fellow cruisers, about 190 of us in total, all very highly excited at a pre-cruise briefing in the conference room of a grand 5 star luxury hotel! Awesome start! Mostly Canadian couples,  some typically talkative Americans, a