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April 2020

Wednesday March 25th, 2020 We anchored here, off Panama, about 3 hours ago to take on bunkers, discharge garbage and take on stores. Tomorrow we will be transiting the Panama Canal from 0600 until about 1600 by which time we will be in the Caribbean heading for Miami, expected ETA 0600 on March 30th, Eastern Standard Time. To finish off, a quick summary since we left Valparaiso on the 19th, the weather has been absolutely perfect from a sea and swell perspective all the way, sometimes cloudy but very little wind

Tuesday March 10th. We sailed from Ushuaia at 7 this morning, a calm clear day, heading west through the Beagle Channel on our way to Punta Arenas in Chile, we are sitting up in the living room as the vista opens up ahead of us, with the snow covered peaks of Chile visible off to starboard. I shall, however return to where I left off, with a some photos of our Amazing evening in Montevideo, the our time in Ushuaia yesterday.   Monday March 9th. We sailed into the Beagle Channel towards

At sea, off the coast of Argentina March 6th 2020 We flew out of Auckland on Sunday night, March 1st, with Air New Zealand, on their direct flight to Buenos Aires, it would have to be the smoothest flight we have had in years, arriving at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, in our hotel by 5.30 pm close to the historic centre of Buenos Aires. First impressions on the drive in, a city of tenement buildings in various states of disrepair, only changing to commercial office blocks and high rise apartments